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Independence Day

Today is Independence Day in Poland. 🇵🇱 We gained (or actually re-gained) independence exactly 101 years ago! 🤗
What is independence to you? Not only as a country but as a person?
For me it is freedom to do whatever I want, to say what I think, to act as I feel, to choose what my heart tells me to. It is simply the freedom to build my life as I want it. 😊
I am so happy and so grateful 🙏to live in such times (even though political situation is getting worse and worse in Poland now again) and to be able to just be me, not dependent on anyone else.
I can’t imagine living in times when women didn’t have their right to vote or to work even 🤯. I can’t imagine being forced to marry someone that somebody chose for me, I can’t imagine not being able to dress how I like or to attend some public events next to men. Yet some women still don’t have that. 😞 Yet there are still countries that don’t have their independence. There are still people who don’t have their freedom. And I feel so sorry for them. 😢
So if you’re reading it, be grateful for the freedom you have. Be grateful for the times and country you live in. Not all are so lucky.
I do hope it will change one day though. 🙏

Be positive!

Never look back

Never look back. What happened, happened.
If it was a good thing then good for you but if something bad happened then just let it be 🤷🏼‍♀️. Or better yet – learn from it. Do you know what trully changed my mindset? What changed it all for me? Learning to look different at failures – in bad times instead of asking yourself „Why is this happening to me?” ask yourself „What is this trying to teach me?”. This makes a HUGE DIFFERENCE. It did for me.
You can’t change past. Don’t overthink about it then. You don’t have any impact on that now.
What you can do is learn. Learn from your mistakes, from your decisions, from your choices. Next time you’ll do better! 🤗
So tell me, what did life teach you lately? What mistake did you make?

Be positive! · Self-evolving


You know what’s sexy?
And the more confident you are (= you see more good values and less bad ones in yourself) the happier you are! 🤗
So here’s an excercise to become more confident:
Think of 3 things you like about yourself (even better to ask somebody else to tell you what they like about you), write them down on a piece of paper and put that paper next to a mirror. Read it out loud in the morning while looking at your reflection, look at it while brushing your teeth, just get that inside your head! 😁
Then after a week write down 3 other things you like about yourself.
Keep repeating until you trully love yourself! 😊😘

Be positive!

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween! 🎃
Here’s that one day when you can be someone else but remember tomorrow, when you go back to being yourself, that you’re perfect just the way you are! 🤗😘

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Don’t buy time to spend it anyways

You know what I find really surprising and odd? We keep inventing those facilities, those machines that are supposed to get us more time yet we keep lacking it. We now have washing machines that do laundry for us yet we’re still in a hurry. We’ve got dishwashers that get dishes clean for us which normally took plenty time yet we still don’t have enough time for anything. We even got diet caterings (which I got addicted to this month) thanks  to whom we don’t have to cook or do grocery shopping.

We keep buying more time in order to keep loosing it doing something else.

Aren’t you tired of that rat race? Of constantly being in rush? Of running from one place to another with your tongue out? I sure am.

We live in great times when we have somany machines doing stuff for us, we live in times when we should have so much more time than our ancestors who had to do everything manually yet we still don’t have it. Many years ago people started escaping from nature into the city to find a better life yet now we run away from city into nature to catch a breath. Does it apply to you?

This needs to STOP.

We all need to slow down. And the easiest way is to start appreciating here & now. Don’t rush from one task to another, don’t take anything for granted and learn to make time. That’s right, sometimes it is not about having time but making time. If you have those machines running and doing laundry, dishes or dinner for you don’t use that time to get soaked into more work, use it with your loved ones, with your family, reading a good book or simply connecting to nature.

Of course it is convenient and helpful to use that extra time (while you have that laundry or anything else done for you by a machine) to do something else but don’t overuse it.

It is all about that healthy balance to be able to divide your time this way to both have some work done but also to have propper rest and to spend your free time nicely. I am a workaholic and tend to put loads of work/project on me but I never work past 9pm or on weekends. This is my time to rest, to reload, to connect with family, friends and nature or to travel around the world and enjoy its charm 🙂


Be positive! · Health

Happy food

Eat Yourself Happy With These 8 Endorphin-Releasing Foods!
Feeling down? Want to make yourself feel better? Here are some foods that will encourage your brain’s endorphin (happy hormones) release 😊: ·Chocolate 🍫
·Strawberries 🍓
·Animal proteins 🥩🥚
·Oranges 🍊
·Spicy foods 🌶
· Grapes 🍇
· Nuts and seeds 🌰
·Ginseng 🍠
Go and check if you have any of those in the kitchen and simply be happy! 😊

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Perfect time

Let me tell you something about most valuable currency in today’s world – time 🕛.
You’re probably running out of time, you never have enough of it etc but this post is about something else.
It is about waiting for the right time.
You probably had many situations where you promised to yourself that you’ll start/change something but were waiting for that perfect moment? 🤷🏼‍♀️ Some new dream that you wanted to start following as soon as something else happens? You kept putting and putting some dreams/plans away because „that’s not the right time yet”?
Well, the truth is the time will never be right/perfect but we just keep postponing some changes using „it’s not the right time” excuse because we are either scared of the changes or simply lazy 😉
So stop waiting, start acting! 💪
Maybe some other things will happen/change and in a year you’ll wish you have started today. You’ll never know so just do it now! 😉