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What do you think about stereotypes and labeling people?

I think we shouldn’t judge people just by their looks, nationality or anything else. We are all unique and this is what’s beautiful about this world!

Spend at least 10 minutes with a person and then you can make up your mind about him or her. Only then you can say something about this individual, not before.

There are so many stupid stereotypes and even more examples that those labels are wrong. Every nation has some stereotype attached to them, I think. Who hasn’t heard the following, while travelling: „Oh, you’re from X country? Then you must do this (stereotype)!”. Yes, some stereotypes are true but most of them are just hearsay transformed into a rumour with no real merit passed around from one person to another and to another.There is a stereotype about us, Polish people, that we are thieves. Well, I don’t agree with that. I know plenty Polish people (obviously) and none of them is a thief. According to stereotypes all Portuguese or Spanish are lazy, all French people are snobs, all Irish are red hair catholics, Norway – ruddy rustics, Sweden is nothing but tall blonds, Germans are stiff and humourless, Swiss are punctual, Italians are rude, Scottish people are skinflints, Brits care about nothing but tea, all Americans are fat etc etc. I’ve got plenty friends from different countries and I don’t think I agree with any of those stereotypes. All people are different and we can’t put labels on them. Especially such bad ones.

But it’s not only about the nations. There are plenty stereotypes put on different sexes, hair color etc. For example, two stereotypes that annoy me the most and would definitely want to get rid of them are that women are bad drivers (no!) and that all blonds are stupid (hell no!). Hair color has nothing to do with intelligence and I think women are good drivers because they have great attention to details and great reflexes.


What stereotypes annoy you most? Which one would you like to emend?


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About me · Be positive!


HAPPY 1ST ANNIVERSARY TO US! ❤💑 (it was 3 days ago)
Do you believe in fate or coincidence?
I believe that every day we learn something and every little moment creates our personality.
I keep thinking how pretty random all my relationships are. E.g. I met my best friends via an online forum for fans of a rock band but I found out about this forum through a leaflet that was handed to me on a day when I wasn’t supposed to go out 😅
+ I got to know this band thanks to my good friend and I got to know this man that is a good friend of mine now by walking into a random pub years ago 🤷🏼‍♀️
I met my husband online and it turned out that he had been living in a flat that my friend used to live in just before him! Later it turned out that we have many mutual friends, even our families knew each other (my dad had known my husband’s uncle for years; my husband’s cousin was my cousin’s classmate etc etc) and it is actually weird that we haven’t met each other sooner.
I believe in those signs. I believe that we were supposed to meet.
I believe that every small decision we make is important on how our life turns out. Something like in „Butterfly Effect” or „Mr Nobody” – love those movies!
In 2013 I decided to move out to London. I bought a one-way ticket, packed my whole room and couple weeks later after I graduated University I moved. Just like that.
Then after over a year I decided to come back to Poland. It was quite spontaneous. Later I regretted that I came back but if I haven’t I wouldn’t publish my book, I wouldn’t meet my husband etc. But at the same time if I wouldn’t had moved out to London at all I wouldn’t have become more open, more curagous and wouldn’t have got lots of wisedom I got by living by myself in a foreign country.
This was supposed to happen and it created the person that I am today.
I believe that every day and every person that we meet leaves a sign in ourselves.
Do you agree? Tell me your story of a random choice you made that changed a lot in your life.


📸 fot. Paulina Owad

Be positive!


One of the things that annoy me the most is complaining. Oh how I hate it! (am i complaining on complaining now? 😜)
To me it feels like people are never happy with what they have🤷🏼‍♀️

Blond girls want to have dark hair, brunettes want to be blond, girls with curly hair want to have straight hair, tall girls want to be shorter while short girls want to be taller etc etc. It never stops 🤷🏼‍♀️

If you can change it (e.g. hair colour) then change it and if you can’t change it (e.g. height) then just accept it. Complaining won’t do you any good and will only annoy people around you 😜

It is also quite often that people want something, complain that they don’t have it and then when they get it they complain they have it. Do you know what I mean? It’s like it’s never good but always something to complain about.

People tend to complain a lot about their jobs but do nothing to change it. How is it supposed to get better if all you do is complaining? Are you waiting for a miracle to happen and you think that by complaining you’ll get it to come to you? No! Just get moving! Start working on your dream or change and stop complaining! 😊



Be positive!


How do you handle the threat of terrorism? Are you scared of e.g. travelling now? Are you afraid of going to concerts due to past events?
As cold and insensitive as it may sound I think we should just live.
Of course we live in scary times and we hear about terrorism more and more but you might just as well get hit by a bus in front of your house, you know?
I know it sounds horrible but we never know our day and hour that we’ll have our last breath. This is why it is so important to LIVE. We can’t get fear control our lives.
Am I supposed to cross off New Zealand or Sri Lanka out of my „places to go” list because of what happened there lately? Those are beautiful countries with lovely people and I still want to see them!
Do you remember this horrible attack in Paris during a concert in November 2015? I remember I cried whole day cuddled into my Mom’s arms. It was really horrible to me because I used to call myself a ‘concertoholic’ and I used to go to 20-30 concerts a year then. I travelled to different countries to see my favourite bands so it could’ve been me. A concert is a moment of catharsis for me when I forget about all my problems, all my duties or tasks to do and I just get lost in the sound of music. I remember my Mom telling me to stop going to concerts after this attack in Paris but I didn’t. I won’t let some horrible people who do those horrible things make me change my life and the way I live it. I won’t let them make me live in fear.
As I said, we never know when our time on this precious planet comes to an end and we need to make the fullest out of the time we got. ◾◾◾
What do you think? Do you agree?



Be positive! · Health · Psychology facts


What do you know about endophin, famous hormone of happiness?
Endorphins are chemicals produced naturally by the nervous system to cope with pain or stress. They are often called “feel-good” chemicals because they can act as a pain reliever and happiness booster.
The well-known “runner’s high” that is felt after lengthy, vigorous exercise is due to an increase in endorphin levels.
The level of endorphins in the human body varies from person to person. People who have lower levels may be more likely to have depression or fibromyalgia, but more research is needed in this area.
How to get your body to produce more endorphins?
Here are couple ways to boost the production:
🔸️Regular exercise 💪
🔸️Giving (Volunteering, donating, and helping others may also make a person feel good) 🤝
🔸️Yoga and meditation 🧘🏼‍♀️
🔸️Spicy foods 🌶
🔸️Dark chocolate 🍫
🔸️Laughing 😂

Did you know all this?
I think i’m gonna go get some dark chocolate 😋

Be positive! · Self-evolving

Life motto

Do you know what is my life motto now? A motto that changed my mindset and my attitude towards life completely?
„Don’t worry – change what you can and accept what you can’t”.
Seems so simple yet so many people forget about that.
If you can change your situation then do it! Work on it and make the difference!
But if there’s something that you are not happy about but you can’t change it then just accept it.
For example, if you’re unhappy that you’re too fat this is something you can change! Go on a diet, start working out and you’ll lose weight.
But if you’re unhappy that you’re too short then it’s something that you can’t change and you need to accept it.
I know it sounds easy but you just have to! You won’t do anything about and why spend the rest of your life constantly worrying about it?

Be positive!


Here we have Easter time. Do you have everything ready for Sunday?
It might be less popular than Xmas but it’s still a beautiful holiday!
Do you have a family to spend it with? Do you have time off? Use it! Cherish that time with your family. Appreciate that you have people to spend it with. Think of those people who don’t or of those people who have to work and won’t see their close ones.
This is happy time! Loving time!
Call you friend and tell him/her you miss him/her. Call or visit your grandma/grandpa if you’re not spending holidays together. Go to cemetary to visit those who are no longer with you.
This is family time!
Forget about work. Forget about your duties. Spend those couple days with people close to you, tell them something nice and just be here & now. 😊