Be positive!

Happy month!

You’ve probably already heard me saying „It’s all about mindset”, right?
Well, it is! 😉
You don’t have much impact on what is happening in the world 🤷🏼‍♀️ You can’t force some people to like you and say only nice things about you 🤷🏼‍♀️. Facts you hear in the news are facts and opinions that people share are their opinions and you can’t change them. But it is your decision what you’re gonna do with it 👊.
You can either let somebody’s opinion disturb you and make you feel bad or you can ignore it.
It’s your decision, your mindset.
You can either think about your day/week/life in negative light or look at it through pink glasses and notice only positive/good parts of it 🤗.
It’s your decision, your mindset.
When you’re stuck at home now you can either look at it as a punishment and keep thinking of the things you cannot do these days or you can look at it as an opportunity to finally work on your projects 😉, to get back to reading 📖 now that you don’t have any distractions or events to go to, to finally start a new hobby you’ve always didn’t have time for 👩‍🍳.
It’s your decision, your mindset.
When you lose a job you can either become devastated, think of yourself as a loser and keep worrying 😫 or you can see it as a push to finally look for something better, to get the courage to get your dream job which you’ve always lacked in your previous job 💪
It’s your decision, your mindset.
There’s no easy job and there’s no easy life without problems 🤷🏼‍♀️ The key is to always find good aspects and being grateful for the litthe things ❤. To decide to ignore/set aside the sad/dark/difficult stuff and focus on the good ones 🙏
You can have a happy life if you want it! You just have to change your thinking! 🙃
As we’re stepping into a new month it’s a great opportunity for it to become a HAPPY MONTH.
Scroll down to see what I prepared for you to make it easier for you to make this month the happy month (you’ll find full version to download in my bio (DOWNLOADS section) ! 🤗

📸 pic taken in Zakynthos in 2017


Smiley Future

Smiley Future – Step 11

You often hear that imagining success helps you get motivated. Research shows though that it is not imagining success that helps but visualisation of process so imagining the path that takes you to your goal 🏁
The visualisation makes you practice in your mind the difficult path that awaits you and helps you get ready for its all steps.
Depending on what works on you best, punishments or rewards, you can choose proces visualisation with a negative outcome (what happens when you don’t reach the goal) or with positive outcome (what happens when you do).
* Simulation of process with positive outcome 👍
Imagine going shopping and you choose only healthy products. Imagine passing sweets section and not taking any 🚫. Imagine being at a party full of food and unhealthy snacks where everybody eats but you don’t. Imagine you working out and doing excercises that you like, e.g. swimming, riding a bike etc. You’ve reached your goal 💪 Imagine yourself thin with a beautiful body. Imagine walking into a party looking fabulous and having all people stare at you 🤩
*Simulation of process with negavite outcome 👎and proces letting you avoid it
Imagine yourself fatter. Your favourite pants don’t fit because you put on weight 😳. Family and friends tell you that your overweight problem becomes more and more serious. You walk into a party and people look at you and gossip. You feel bad about yourself, you’re unhappy and you’re self-esteem drops 😞 Now imagine how you can avoid those situations. You buy only healthy stuff. You don’t overeat at a party. See with your imagination you working out 💪
Those are examples from the research. Now think of your visualisations.
1. Decide whether you are more sensitive to punishments or to rewards 👍👎
2. Imagine the proces taking you to your goal (process of losing weight, looking for a better job etc.) – make sure to imagine specific situations 🧐
3. Write your visualisation down
Keep reading it and imagining the proccess several times a week 📝
Next week: What do  you need to reach your goal

Source: @chodakowskaewa‘s new book “90 days – design your tomorrow”

📸 Greece, 2015

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SELF LOVE: Stay home

Turn tv off, turn social media off (apart from @smileysociety of course 😉😂), stop listening to news and just relax.
What’s happening out there, is happening out there 🤷🏼‍♀️ and as it doesn’t concern you as long as you are at home 🏡.
Look at it as extra time at home to read a book you’ve always wanted to read, to watch a movie or tv shows everybody is telling you about 🎬, to take up some new hobby like decoupage or playing guitar 🎸, do yoga 🧘🏼‍♀️, do home fitness 💪 or do coloring like me 😁
I find it sooo relaxing 😍
What do you do these days?

Smiley Future

Smiley Future – Step 10

— Step 10
Implementation intention meaning how to implement your plan into life.
Last week you created a plan of action based on your stenghts 💪 Today we’re gonna add your weakneses and obstacles that you may come upon to it. To make it all work you’re gonna need implementation intention but don’t worry, it’s a simple mechanism that is very effective!
How does it work? Imagine  possible future scenarios that can be obstacles to reaching your goal and then find a solution for it. Later create (and write down!) a sentence: „If situation X happens, I’m gonna do Y” 😊
Example: „If i’ll be eating out I’m gonna choose healthy and fit dish, for example a salad” 🥦. „If I won’t want to workout I’ll ask my close ones for support and cheering” 💪. „When I’ll be doing shopping I’ll go to a store with a prepared ‘to buy’ list” 🗒
Creating  scenarios like this in your head is effective because it creates a connection between a situation/obstacle and your reaction to it. ⚠️ If a situation like this happens you won’t have to wonder what to do! You’ll work automatically because you’ve already excercised that scenario in your head 😉
Making decisions (especially pushing temptations away 😅) requires a lot of energy from you and when you’re in a hurry or hungry you choose what’s easiest but not what’s best 🤔. You know what I’m talking about? Implementation intention is for those kind of situations!
So let’s get to work! Try to think of as many situations in which you let go and lose your motivation. Find best reactions to them and write them down in „If situation X happens, I’m gonna do Y” scheme 😊
Next week: Process visualisation

Source: @chodakowskaeka‘s new book “90 days – design your tomorrow”

📸 pic taken in Malta in 2016


SELF-LOVE: Read good book

Turn off your tv.
Turn off your radio.
Put your phone down and have a moment to yourself ❤
Calm down.
Forget for a moment about the world out there, just let it be.
Get a blanket, make yourself some nice tea, light some nice candles, put on some calm relaxing music and soak into a good book.
This is your time.
I personally recommend “The Organized Mind” by Daniel Levitin.
It will show you how to organize your thoughts, how to deal with stress and get rid of chaos in your head 🤯