About me


Hi all!

My name is Pola and i want to teach you how to be happy. „Teach me? It’s not something you can teach, being happy depends on your life, your luck, health etc” you may think but you can’t be more wrong. Happiness is a STATE OF MIND! It is psychologically proven that whether you are happy or not depends only on yourself and the way you think! *Obviously i’m not a psychologist, please remember that this blog is based on my experience, knowledge from books and articles but i’m not a doctor! If you do have serious mental health issues such as depression please see a psychologist.

Life is not easy and probably each one of you know it already. I had mental health issues myself and was not happy but i learned to see world differently, life taught me to learn from failures and i started being happy. And this is what we’re gonna do here.

I have read quite a lot of books on psychology and how brain works (i would say psychology is my hobby but again, i’m not a doctor! J) and i want to share with you some of the tricks i’ve learned like how to change your mindset, how to work with your fears, how to be more confident, how to stress less, what makes you happy etc.

It’s not going to be just theory of course! I’ll be posting motivational quotes or stories, i’ll be writing about people who inspire me and who can motivate you to reach for happiness, there will be plenty positive movies/books recommendations here and plenty more! I want to show you some interesting places to have a nice day at, some funny ways to spend a day off, even recipes for comfort food! Basically sending positive vibes and trying to teach you how to be/stay happy!

This blog here will be for longer posts but main part will be at my Instagram page so follow me at @smileysociety !

I’ve got big ideas for this blog, i’ve been preparing content for couple months already and i can’t wait to post it all!

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