Be positive!

Mood swings

How are you today? I’m actually having a really bad day. Bad week actually but what i want to say is that it’s ok if you have a bad day! It’s ok if you have mood swings (well, from time to time). Even the happiest person in the world is sad from time to time too. That’s totally normal. Nobody tells you to keep smiling and pretending you’re happy when you’re not (although when you smile you actually trick your brain into thinking you’re happy! 😁).
When you have a bad day just keep thinking about happy things, bring back your happy memories, try to relax, do something for you – maybe go shopping, watch your favourite movie, go to bed early. You need to have bad days from time to time to enjoy happy days more! Am I right?
So tell me what makes you happy on a bad day? What do you do to make yourself feel better?
I LOVE watching Friends, i can watch it over and over and over again (seen each episode 17th times!) and they always make me laugh. 😊

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