Be positive!


Do you know what’s one of the main things that make you HAPPY? HELPING OTHERS. I love helping others. I love seeing people smile when I manage to help them out. It makes your heart grow. It makes your heart warm. It doesn’t have to be anything big. You can do plenty of small things that can make someone’s day better. You can stop the bus when you see someone’s running for it. You can pick something up and help a stranger who dropped it. You can walk an elder through the street. Do you have a spare dollar? Buy a chocolate Santa for a homeless man. I’m sure it will make him smile. Or you can easily just smile to strangers, that will make them feel better as well.

Are you a giver or a receiver? I’ve always loved giving gifts more than getting them. It’s about that smile that you see in a person when you give it to him/her. That’s the best gift for me.

Of course If you are a giver and want to do something bigger than walking an elder or catching a bus for someone there are plenty ways to help out in a bigger scale. You can give out money to charities, obviously. You can buy some food or blankets and give it to shelters. You don’t even have to buy anything, if you have some old blankets that are still good but you don’t need it don’t throw it away, always think of someone who might need it. Do you have empty boxes? Give it to animals’ shelters, they always need it. Did you clean up your wardrobe and have plenty of clothes that you don’t wear anymore? Give it to shelters. Same with toys – give it to child care. I am sure that you have plenty of things that you find useless that might be a great gift for someone else.

Why you should also help others? It’s not only about seeing people’s smiles and making them grateful. It’s about Karma too. I don’t know if you believe in Karma or any high power but „the more you give, the more you receive” rule always works. It may not be proven. It may not be scientific but it works, believe me. Even if it’s not about high power/Karma, by helping othesr you show people that they can count on you and once you do that you’ll have people to count on when you need help. It’s all about the circle of giving and receiving.  Let’s be a friendly community that helps each other. Lets reach out a  helping hand to others.

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