Be positive!

The power of smile

Do you know the power of smile? Do you smile often? Do you smile at strangers?
Smile is such an amazing way of communicating, known all over the world. It can mean so much without using any words. I don’t think we smile enough. Go out and smile at strangers, you will make them feel better, and what’s most important – they will probably smile back. Give a smile to your family, to your friends, to your co-workers. This is the easiest friendly gesture you can make and it costs you nothing. But do you know what you can gain? – When you smile people think of you as more friendly, more open. It will work for you in the future e.g.when you will be in need 😊 – When you smile you actually trick your brain into thinking you’re happy. Try it. Even when you’re sad, confused, worried – smile. You brain will read it as a sign that everything is ok and will start producing endorphines which are happy hormones. This is scientifically proven, smile does work that way on brain 😊 – When you walk down the street with a smile on your face people will perceive you as more confident 😊 – Smile when you’re talking on the phone, it will make your voice warmer and will soothe your listener 😊 – Smile when talking to kids, they’ll like you more and will trust you 😊 – Smile when doing groceries, being at resturant, using any kind of services – make people who work there like their job 😊
The list can go on and on and on. Just try it. Smile as much as you can!

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