Be positive! · Self-evolving

Life motto

Do you know what is my life motto now? A motto that changed my mindset and my attitude towards life completely?
„Don’t worry – change what you can and accept what you can’t”.
Seems so simple yet so many people forget about that.
If you can change your situation then do it! Work on it and make the difference!
But if there’s something that you are not happy about but you can’t change it then just accept it.
For example, if you’re unhappy that you’re too fat this is something you can change! Go on a diet, start working out and you’ll lose weight.
But if you’re unhappy that you’re too short then it’s something that you can’t change and you need to accept it.
I know it sounds easy but you just have to! You won’t do anything about and why spend the rest of your life constantly worrying about it?

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