Be positive!

Mondays – yay or nay

How do you feel about Mondays?
Do you hate them? Do you get up unhappy? Are you counting days down to Friday?
If you feel unhappy Monday to Friday and you live only for the weekends there is something seriously wrong. 💔
Weekdays take 5/7 of a week (duuuh 😅) and so days from Monday to Friday, workdays, take 5/7th of your life. That is over 70%! Do you want to be unhappy 70% of your life? 💔
If you really can’t stand workdays and you’re only happy during the weekend then you need to make a BIG CHANGE. Either with your attitude, hobbies or simply change your job if that’s what makes you so miserable.🤷🏼‍♀️
Try to do some fun stuff in the evenings of workdays too. You can go to a cinema on a Tuesday after work, you can meet with a friend on a Wednesday and go bowling on a Thursday. Whatever makes you happy, do it during weekdays too!
It is finally summer time so you can take nice walks, go on a bike ride or go geocaching with a friend (if you  don’t know what Geocaching is go to my stories highlights and watch „Ideas for FUN” part. I’m going to put some ideas for fundays in that section from time to time so you can use it during weekdays too!) everyday after work.
If that doesn’t help and your Mondays still suck cause you get up frustrated that you need to go to work…maybe just change it? 🤷🏼‍♀️ Try doing what you like. Ideally follow your passion and make it your job but if that’s impossible (although I believe that with hard work it never is 💪) try to think what you like doing and match it with some workplace.
Try googling if your city council has a work advisor that can sit down with you, talk to you, find out what you like and help you find a job that you’d like going to. I know my city has a whole bunch of people who do that so perhaps there is something similiar in your city too.
Seriously, life is not worth living if you’re unhappy most of the time. Try and make your job likable. Try changing something so that you’d wake up on Monday with a smile! 😊

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