Be positive!

Haters gonna hate

Internet is a tricky place and you can not only not get the help/love/reaction you wanted but you can easily get hurt here 💔.

People tend to think that they are anonymous and/or untracable in the Internet. They think that because they don’t talk to you face to face they can write whatever they want. 😐
⚠️ NO! ⚠️
This is not how this should work.
So, please don’t do it. 🙏

If you see a photo here on Instagram and you don’t like the way someone is dressed just ignore it 🤷🏼‍♀️. Keep scrolling. If someone uploads a video of them singing and you don’t like it – ignore it. Don’t like it, don’t comment it.
If you heard someone singing on the street would you approach them and say „I hate the way you sing 😡”? No, you probably wouldn’t. If you saw a girl in a train in an awful dress that makes her look unattractive would you say „You look disgusting in that 🤢”? No, you wouldn’t.
Same way don’t leave hateful comments under people’s photos. Just let them be.

Unless they ask for an honest opinion don’t say anything. You wouldn’t like for other haters to spam your page with hateful comments, would you? 🤔
But if they do ask for an honest opinion and you don’t like e.g. the way a boy sings, say it in a delicate way. Don’t be a hater! ⚠️ You can always say a bitter truth in a nice way, remember that 🙏. For example, say „Maybe you should keep on practicing, I’m sure you’ll be better and better!” or „I don’t think that’s the song for you. Perhaps try a different one?”. See?

Please don’t spread hate.
We don’t want that here.
Peace & love 🙏

Pola ❤

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