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Getting up

YOU, not anybody else, decide in the morning what kind of a day it will be. 👊
It is you who wake up and set your mood on.👊
Stop thinking „od damn, I woke up in a bad mood”. Who turned it on for you? You did it. You have full control over your mood and stop thinking otherwise. 🚫
If you wake up feeling sad or tired just quickly think of some good things you have planned for that day. Try to learn to quickly find those things you can be excited about on that day. Maybe you have delicious dinner prepared? 😋 Or you’re meeting with your friend in the afternoon? 👬 Or it’s Friday and you’re so close to weekend? I get up excited even on Mondays as new week is always new challenges for me and I love that. 😉
Believe me, your first thoughts in the morning and the attitude you put yourself in will have HUGE ⚠️ impact on the rest of the day so choose it wisely.
Do you want to get up smilling and have a good day or do you want to start your day cranky and full of anger? It is YOUR CHOICE to make. 😉

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