Be positive!

Unhappy to choose

I feel like nowadays people are unhappy because…there’s too much to choose from! Yes, exactly, because there are too many options 🤷🏼‍♀️
Subconsciously we want to have EVERYTHING so once we have to choose 1 thing out of 30 we become stressed, anxious about the decision and then in the end unhappy about the choice we made 🤯.
Daniel Levitin tells a story in „The Organized Mind” about one of his students years ago who came to USA from Romania (Soviet at the time). He recalls how he met this girl in a store in front of a shelf full of different pens almost crying. She wasn’t able to pick one. Back in Romania they had only 3 types of pen and that’s it. “Which one do I need for my biology class? Which one for poetry? Do I want felt tip, ink, gel, cartrifge, erasable? Ballpoint, razor point, roller ball?” ✒🖋🖊.
Then once she chooses she’ll be worried if she got the right one. She’ll go back home and will want the other one, the one she didn’t buy.
Sounds familiar?
It may sound as a simple and quite basic example but if you think about it you choose a product every day 🤷🏼‍♀️. You do grocery shopping and you choose one milk before the other, you choose one jumper instead of another one, you choose one smartphone instead of a different brand. We make hundreds decisions everyday and once we decide we keep wanting the thing we didn’t get! Mind will always want something that is out of reach, something that we are missing 🤷🏼‍♀️.
We are all forced to make plenty decisions every day and this can easily make one unhappy 😬😰.
Instead of thinking what you DIDN’T get think of what you DID get!
Appreciate that smartphone, smile at this new jumper, appreciate that pen! 🤗
Do you know why people in Africa or South America are happier than us? (I trully believe they are). Because they don’t have that ‘problem’! They simply appreciate what they have. They don’t have dozens brands of milk to choose from and wonder if that’s the right choice. They are simply happy because they got milk.
Minimalism and gratitude.
That’s the answer to it. Learn to choose 1 thing, to be happy about it and to forget about the ones you didn’t choose! 🙏

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