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Being different

Here are 5 reasons why BEING DIFFERENT is GOOD! 👩‍🎤 🔆1.You are BRAVE and couragous to stand out 💪 Not everyone can be such, usually people want to blend in. 🔆2. You are INDEPENDENT, you don’t follow social trends 🤗 🔆3. You have bigger chance to SUCCEED as nobody has succeeded by doing what everybody else was doing, you need to be unique, you need to set a new, original path 🛣 🔆4. You are more INTERESTING as you’re not just a copy of somebody else 😁 🔆5. You are STRONGER by having to live with people staring at you or talking about you, not everybody can stand it 💪
Hope that is enough to show you that being different is good. That it is actually BETTER than being ordinary.
Now go and be different!
Go and be you! 😊

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