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Control freak confession

I already said that but I’ll keep repeating it from time to time so that you remember it – you can’t control everything! 🤷🏼‍♀️
You can plan what you want 📅, you can make the most precise schedules 🗒, you can be excelent at time management 🕰 and you’ll still never predict everything, there always will be surprises and you need to be ready for them. ⚠️
I am a control freak 😅 and I write all my projects, ideas and plans down in my calendar. I tried to plan everything, sometimes even couple months or a year ahead! 🙈 I had a plan for my 20s and my precise goals that I needed to achieve e.g. by the age of 25. The more plans didn’t work out, the more devastated and angry I was 😵. I even stopped realising how much other stuff I managed to achieve, I only saw those unrealized plans. This led me to having panic attacks.🤯 I started going to a therapist. It was not good.😬
Remember, planning is good and I am all for it BUT you need to be ready that it can go wrong sometimes, that you might have some surprises and that some plans not only may delay but they may actually never happen. And that’s ok. 👍
2018 was a year of big changes for me, not careerwise but with my relationship and with my stability. I got married 💒, we got and moved to our new nest 🏡, we went on a honeymoon 🏝. There was lots of work (with the wedding and apartment) but it was the best year of my life 🤗.
2019 was supposed to be MY year, for my projects. I published a book in February 📖, I started this blog 📝 (I actually started it in November last year but it was quiet here for first 2 months) and I was supposed to start writing my 2nd novel ✏. Meanwhile we had many family issues, health issues and in the end I did maybe 30% of what I had planned with those projects. And that’s ok. 😉
When such a situation appears you need to be ready to be flexible and to choose what’s more important. ⚠️ I still did a lot this year (+there are still 3 more months left!) and there will still be next year 😊

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