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Perfect time

Let me tell you something about most valuable currency in today’s world – time 🕛.
You’re probably running out of time, you never have enough of it etc but this post is about something else.
It is about waiting for the right time.
You probably had many situations where you promised to yourself that you’ll start/change something but were waiting for that perfect moment? 🤷🏼‍♀️ Some new dream that you wanted to start following as soon as something else happens? You kept putting and putting some dreams/plans away because „that’s not the right time yet”?
Well, the truth is the time will never be right/perfect but we just keep postponing some changes using „it’s not the right time” excuse because we are either scared of the changes or simply lazy 😉
So stop waiting, start acting! 💪
Maybe some other things will happen/change and in a year you’ll wish you have started today. You’ll never know so just do it now! 😉

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