Be positive!

Independence Day

Today is Independence Day in Poland. 🇵🇱 We gained (or actually re-gained) independence exactly 101 years ago! 🤗
What is independence to you? Not only as a country but as a person?
For me it is freedom to do whatever I want, to say what I think, to act as I feel, to choose what my heart tells me to. It is simply the freedom to build my life as I want it. 😊
I am so happy and so grateful 🙏to live in such times (even though political situation is getting worse and worse in Poland now again) and to be able to just be me, not dependent on anyone else.
I can’t imagine living in times when women didn’t have their right to vote or to work even 🤯. I can’t imagine being forced to marry someone that somebody chose for me, I can’t imagine not being able to dress how I like or to attend some public events next to men. Yet some women still don’t have that. 😞 Yet there are still countries that don’t have their independence. There are still people who don’t have their freedom. And I feel so sorry for them. 😢
So if you’re reading it, be grateful for the freedom you have. Be grateful for the times and country you live in. Not all are so lucky.
I do hope it will change one day though. 🙏

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