Forgive and forget?

Do you know the saying „Forgive and forget”? Do you agree? I do but in half. 🤷🏼‍♀️
We definitely should forgive but why should we forget? If, for example, someone let us down or, even worse, hurt us why should we forget about it?
Forgive – sure (when you’re ready) but we should still remember about it. We should remember to e.g. never trust that person again. We should remember this mistake we made (e.g. in trusting someone), draw conclussions and never make it again. 🤗
It may be harsh but nowadays we really need to be careful who we trust, believe me. I think, and I reckon you will all agree with me, we want friends who we can count on, who will never betray us, who we can rely on. 👭👬 And I know this friendship exists. It may be harder to find, it may take some work to keep it alive but it is so important to have that one good friend in life. ❤ That’s right, one is enough. Go for quality, not quantity. 🙏
I am very careful who I call a „friend” so I don’t have many of them (I have plenty buddies/acquaintances though!) but I do have some people who would do anything for me and I’d do anything for them 🤗. That’s what friendship should be about. Love, laughter, help and trust. 💕
So I say forgive but don’t forget. Choose your friends wisely.

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