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Happy birthday to me!

Happy birthday to me! 🎂🎈
I wish people would slow down and appreciate what they have. 🙏
I wish words „respect”, „love” and „friendship” would actually mean something again. ❤
I wish we all loved stronger, dreamed bigger and stood taller. 💪
I wish we could all say „I took all the chances I had”. 😉
I wish we would all believe in ourselves more. 🤗
I wish we didn’t feel sad when it’s bad weather and we learned how to dance in the rain. ☔
I wish we were more spontaneous. 🤪
I wish we lived in a world that has a bright future for our grandchildren and they knew all animal species we have today. 🐨
I wish we would all chip in and help the poor ones, that we’d be united. 💰
I wish for the world full of happy people. 😊
Please help me make some of it true and be nice to one another! 🤗

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