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Xmas season

It’s Xmas season 🎄. It’s that time of the year when most people stop their work, their hectic life to breathe, to cherish their families, their life 🙏.
We should be helpful to one another 🙏. We should all be happy and festive 🤗. Please don’t be one of those people who run like crazy through shops to buy some gifts last minute 😅. Don’t shout at cashiers cause there’s a mistake on a price or because there’s a long queue. It’s such a magical time, really! 😍Try and cherish it 🙏.
If you’re buying gifts last minute then it’s your mistake, not those poor cashiers’. Don’t take it off on them. Be helpful. Make it a happy time 🤗. :::
Xmas season should be magical, not about fights over a last toy in a supermarket or yelling at others who take your parking spot when you’re in a hurry 🤷🏼‍♀️. If you do not like Holiday season, if you hate buying gifts that’s fine but don’t ruin this festive time for others 🙏.
I know plenty people who countdown to Xmas as soon as summer ends cause they love it so much ❤. I know plenty people to whom Holidays is the only time when they can slow down, stop thinking about work and spend lovely time with their families❤. Some of us even see their families only for those couple days a year. Remember about those people before you make a scene in a supermarket 🙏.
Don’t be egoistic. If you don’t care about that time, that’s fine but let others have the best time of the year. Try to understand that it can be important to others, that some love shopping and buying gifts, love hearing carols everywhere around and hate those people who say „Oh no, not that song again!” 😅.
Cherish that time, it only come once a year! 😊

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