Be positive!

Cherish little things

Have you stopped for a second and looked up the sky? 👀Morning skies in December are my favourite 😍. Always so pink (at least in Europe) and you don’t have to get up at 4-5am to see a sunrise 😅.
Have you stopped for a second to smell fresh air 👃? To breathe in slowly and relax?
Have you eaten your dinner today and actually saw what you’re eating? Have you thought what it tasted like? 😋 Or you just “threw it” into your stomach?
Just stop and cherish little things 🙏.
We are all in such rush, especially now before Xmas, that we keep missing all the little cute details. We take them all for granted 🛑.
I know we put more and more tasks on ourselves, we all want to achieve more and be successful but we need to stop to breathe from time to time 😅. To rest. To gain perspective. To get new ideas. To breathe 🤫. Especially now, during the Holidays.
Please use that time to rest and to regain gratitude for basic values – good weather, color of the sky, lovely time with family, delicious food ❤.
It’s such a magical time.
Enjoy! 🤗

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