Smiley Future

New segment – SMILEY FUTURE

I’ll be starting a new section for you, lets call it „SMILEY FUTURE” 😎
For this part i’ll be using @chodakowskaewa new book „90 days – design your tomorrow” but also other psychological books 📚. It will come as excercises for you and I’ll  be posting it once a week, on Tuesdays 😉.
In order to follow your dreams and to become successful you need to plan your strategy of changes and in order to to that you need to summarize what you have, what you are proud of and what you don’t like in your life first 📝.
There is this famous excercise among psychologists and/or coaches called „The circle of life”. It is a circle divided into seperate segments of life like „Relations”, „Finances”, „Career” etc. You mark how sattisfied you are with each segment on a scale from 1 to 10. 🤗
You can see examples of a circle of life and a filled one attached here. We’re gonna work on a smaller circle divided into 6 parts (last photo) but if you feel the need to divide it into more parts then you can do it too. 😉
We’ll divide each segment into seperate day and we’ll start with ‘Relations’ today. (Come back next Tuesday for another segment – ‘Career’)!
Before you mark the answer on your circle answer those questions:
* How satisfied are you with relations in your life in a scale from 1 to 10?
*Does this segment need changing? What would you like to change?
*What will you gain by changing it?
*What will happen if you don’t change it?
*In what way do the relations have impact on the rest of the segments of your life? 💥
This is just for you, answer those question honestly.
Next week: Career and once we have all the segments done you’ll know exactly what you need to work on.

wheel-of-lifewheel-of-life-assessmentSmiley circle

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