Remember – time is not our friend. It won’t wait for you to be ready and you’ll never know when you’re gonna run out of it ⚠️
Don’t put your dreams on hold, don’t put taking care of your health on hold and most important – don’t put building your relationships on hold 🚫
Sadly we never know when last day of our lives will come. Same with your family and/or friends. Enjoy and cherish them while you can 🙏, believe me, you’ll miss them when they’re gone and it will be too late then.
Give your mom a kiss 😘
Tell your significant other you love him/her 💑
Call your grandma ☎️
Take your friend out for a coffee/drink 🍻
Don’t wait. Stop saying you don’t have time 🤷🏼‍♀️ It’s about those who make time!
Do it all while you still can.
Maybe it is worth setting one day of a week as a day for relations? E.g. Sunday? Just keep it always open and without any other plans but to spend it with your close ones 🤗
It’s not only about the relations though. Don’t pospone taking care of yourself too. Stop saying „I’ll do it one day” . Just do it now! 💪
You can plan your future and time/life will surprise you anyway 🤷🏼‍♀️. You can’t predict everything. You may think that it’s not a good moment now, that you’re not in a good situation but what if next month or next year will be worse (knocking on the wood that it won’t be for any of us! 😘)? And you’ll think then that you could’ve started earlier.
We always regret things we didn’t do, opportunities we didn’t take, people we let go. Try to prevent it. ⚠️ Seize the day, seize the time you got, seize your life 🙏
We got corona virus epidemic around the world. Are you scared? Do you panic? I think we should just live and enjoy the time we got 🙏
Stop waiting, start doing 💪

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