Smiley Future

Smiley Future – Step 4

— Step 4 —
Let’s get back to our circle of life. You will find it in ‘Downloads’ section in m BIO.
Today time to think about money 💰 Something that we usually find hard to talk about 😳. Why? Because we don’t have financial education at school, because of the beliefs about money and earning that we bring from home and because of emotions that come with our beliefs, experience or current situation.
It is difficult for us to talk about money because we don’t want to come of as a poor one, braggart, dodger or materialist.
Survey says that 50% of people is ashamed to talk about money, 30% feel unsheated talking about them and 20% feel fear 😳. What are the consequences? We don’t ask for a rise at work, we rarely negotiate the price of some product or service.
Finances are an important part of our life and even if money itself won’t make you happy they, without a doubt, contribute to the comfort of life and feeling safe.
As usual – mark on your circle of life how happy you are about your finances in a scale from 1 to 10.
Here are the questions that will help you mark that subject:
* Do you think this part needs change? If yes, what would have to change? Take couple aspects into consideration: earning, spending and saving.
* What will you gain by those changes?
* What will happen if you don’t change anything about your finances?
* In what way do finances have an impact on other aspects of your life now?
Next week: Sum up of the circle of life (in the meantime fill up all the missing parts with your hobbies and/or other parts you added for yourself.

Source: @chodakowskaeka‘s new book “90 days – design your tomorrow”

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