Be positive!

Coronavirus era

Nature has had enough and said STOP. It revolted and made us all STOP too 🚫
You know how we’ve been all running through life? Never having enough time for our inner peace, for our families, for simple things such as reading or doing puzzles?
Now it’s the time 🕛
Nature made us stop. It made us all stay at home and appreciate what we have 🙏. This is the time to rebuild your relationships, to go into your inner self and work on your mindset, to set hectic life aside and focus on what’s most important – health and family. 🙏
It has been around 2 months that we’re fighting with this damn coronavirus but there already has been an effect on the nature! 🌱
China’s air is clean again as plenty people stayed home and stopped driving their cars!
Water in Venice’s canals is getting clearer and clearer and I hear you can actually see fish swimming there now and even swans returned! 🐟
Sardinia coast got so clean and calm that doplhins came back to the area where people scared them away some time ago! 🐬
We need to be patient and it will all come back to normality soon.
But what is also beautiful about those time is solidarity. The amount of help that we all give each other is amazing ❤ We are all in this together afterall.
Italians singing on balonies made my heart mealt. China coming to Europe to help us all and share what they already learned about this virus made my heart grow ❤
Please let this help and being a community of one not end once the virus goes away. Let’s keep helping each other 🙏
So let’s all keep doing what we’re doing. If you want to help and don’t know how find out if you have any hospitals near you and ask what doctors need, they often need food, towels or simple things as paper and pens. Let’s help them! They are our heroes 💪
You could also ask your elder neighbours or people who are simply scared to enter a supermarket if they need anything and do grocery shopping for them.
But if you can – stay home. That’s the best what you can do now 😉
Love! 😘 📸 pic taken in Italy in 2017

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