SELF-LOVE: Have fun!

How old are you?
Do you still have your inner child in you? 🤪
Today think of your favourite game/activity you used to do when you were a kid/teenager.
Drop all that adult life and have some fun! 🤗
Maybe cook yourself a meal your Mom used to make for you when you were little? 😋
Play some old tunes you used to listen to when you were a child! 🎶
Today just be reckless and have some fun!
I’m sure you have some game that you used to love in your childhood. Maybe monopoly? Or Crash Bandicoot on Playstation? 😁
I love to play The Sims from time to time 🙈 (very rarely 😂😅).
What’s gonna be your fun activity?

📸 pic taken in Dominican Republic in 2018

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