Be positive!

2020 isn’t cancelled

2020 isn’t cancelled. 🚫 It is here to make us learn and create new reality ⚠️
You know how after meeting some obstacle and overcoming it you come out of the situation stronger and wiser? 💪 How sometimes you need to lose something to appreciate what you’ve had in the first place? 🤔 How in difficult situations you learn who your real friends are? 🤝 That is 2020 to all of us.
This year isn’t cancelled, no no, it might be the most important year yet. Because it will teach us A LOT 😎
It isn’t even half a year yet and we’ve already learned (got to appreciate it even more) what it means to be healthy 🙏 and to have a roof over our heads 🏡. We’ve got to appreciate our families even more ❤. People who have jobs got to see how lucky they are 💰. And, what’s most important, we got to unite as a society of one planet 🤝🌍. Not just about coronavirus and helping each other but also now, during #blacklivesmatter movement 👊🏾
2020 is time to learn and evolve. It is time to set some new rules about hygiene, travelling and equlity 💪
2020 is a beginning of a new, better world. If we do it right this might be beginning of greatest decade yet 🤗

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