Chasing after perfect numbers

Are you chasing after perfect numbers? I know I am and it’s not good 😫👎
I’ve realised that everything I do lately and everything I have I see in numbers 🔢. How many contracts have I installed at work (I work in an administration office), how many emails I’ve sent 📨, how many times I’ve worked out during a week 💪, how much weight I lost 🤗, how many centimeters I lost in hips, how many likes did I get on my latest post 😅, how many new followers I gained 🤩, how many books I’ve read…
Dreaming of perfect weight 🤗 (a number), big Smiley Society community 👥 (number of followers), big comission at work 💰 (a number) and so on and so on… 🙄
I’ve been chasing so hard after that that I got my panic attacks back and feel stressed all the time 😫
And what for?
It’s not that working hard is bad and that we shouldn’t dream, of course we should but this has got to stop somewhere 🤷🏼‍♀️.
We need to see above the numbers, see bigger goal in it. For example, let’s not focus on how much weight we’ve lost during a diet but let’s appreciate that we work on our health 🥦, that we try to eat better and take care of our body, that’s what matters 😉.
Counting followers? Well, to be honest, I thought that at this time (almost 2 years of running Smiley Society) I thought there will be more of you here 😅 but thanks to this blog I got back to taking more pictures 📸, I bought mysefl a camera 📷, been learning how to edit photos and videos, I got back to writing (and in English!), I’ve been learning a lot on psychology in order to give that knowledge to you…there’s more to that than followers and even though I thought Smiley Society would be bigger by now, it made me work on myself, self-evolve and learn new things! ☺
Counting money, commision? 💰 Sure, it’s important in life but you can’t put a number on most important things in life: love ❤, family 👨‍👩‍👧‍👧, friends, health 😇, adventures, memories 😍…THOSE are the things that matter and that we (myself included) should focus on ⚠️
What do you think? Do you agree? Are you chasing some numbers?

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