Smiley Future

Smiley Future – Step 33

This and next week you’ll look at postponing things for later closer. Why does it happen to you? How can you prevent that? 🤔
One of the reasons of procrastinating is FEAR OF FAILURE 😳. It often comes with excessive perfectionism but it might have other sources too.
This fear can paralyze you to this extend that when you are facing some task you keep postponing it for later and later 🙄 Do you know the feeling? I sure do. And in the end there’s so little time that you explain failure by lack of time 🙄
How to prevent it? 🤔
1. If it’s perfectionism  that stands in the way and is a reason of fear and procrastination keep repeating this: „Something that is done is better than something perfect”! 🤗 If you have another favourite way of reminding yourself that it is better to do something  not perfect rather than not do it at all – use it! 😊
2. Divide the task into smaller steps. This might reduce the fear of ton of work that is awaiting you. Reward yourself for each step that  you’ve accomplished 🎖

Now write down the steps of your task or goal.

Does it help?
Next week: Fear of success
Source: @chodakowskaewa‘s new book “90 days – design your tomorrow”

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