Smiley Future

Smiley Future – Step 38

Apart from a little „reminder” of your dream, that we talked about last week, in a moment of crisis a Benefit Card will help you a lot! 😊
What is it? Benefit Card is just a list of all your reasons why you want to reach your goal 🤩.
If you’re wondering why bother writing them down ✒ and you think „I remember them all easily 🙄” I’ll surprise you: in moments of lost motivation it is easy to forget why you want to reach your goal that much 😉. When there is a temptation in eyesight (and within reach of a hand 😅), you’re feeling stressed, tired and/or you’re in a bad mood, believe me, those reasons suddenly fly away and it is so hard to remember those 😅.
In those kind of situations Benefit Card might come very useful! 👍 Carry it with you everday and read it in any moment of weakness to remind yourself why you want to pursue following your dream 😉.
It is best to read Benefit Card everyday, even when you don’t feel the drop of motivation 😎
And here’s task for today: Create your Benefit Card and find a way to have it always with you (maybe it could be a note in your phone 📲, a piece of paper in your wallet etc 📄). Write down ALL the reasons that come to your mind, those small ones and big ones, important ones and less important ones 😁
Good luck!
Next week: Use your support
Source: @chodakowskaewa‘s new book “90 days – design your tomorrow”

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