positive news


As 2020 is flooding us all with bad news all the time I’ve decided to launch new series that wil be up every Monday – POSITIVE NEWS where I’ll be sharing 5 positive news from previous week! 🤗
Let’s hear some positive stuff too!
Share it with others to cheer them up!
Former NFL player DeAngelo Williams pays for more than 500 mammograms to honor his mom ❤
Man Donates Entire 25,000 Baseball Card Collection to 9-Year-old Girl Who Lost Hers in a Wildfire ⚾️
After 45 Years The Gray Wolf Has Successfully Been Lifted Off the US Endangered Species List 🐺
70-Year-Old Veteran Battling Cancer Hailed as an ‘Angel’ After He Charged into Burning Home to Save Neighbors 🤝
10-Year-Old Donates 619 Toys To Children’s Hospital. Now He’s Donating 100,000 Meals To The Needy 🎁

Come back next Monday for more! 😊

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