Be positive!

Little things

There is this saying, one of my favourites, „Not everyday is good but there is something good in everyday” and I so agree! 😊
Even though this year has been tough to all of us I am more than sure that we could find something good in all of those days! Like the color of the sky, smell of flowers or somebody being nice to you! 😊
Last 3 months have been very very tough for me, healthwise 🤕, workwise 🙄, many family issues 😟, some friends let me down 😏…believe me, it has not been easy 🤷🏼‍♀️ and in the end when I was thinking that the only positive issue this year (besides my covid test 2 months ago 😜) is my financial situation, I got half of my usual salary today 🤦🏼‍♀️ and even though it’s all good now and it turned out to be a mistake by somebody in HR I won’t get the missing half until January 🤷🏼‍♀️… so 2020 misery goes on 🙄
BUT! Even though it’s been so tough I managed to see some good in everyday, to get excited about something every week, to be happy despite all the problems and that’s how positive mind works! 😉
I’ve been admiring beautiful sunrises and sunsets 🌄 (I am pretty sure that the most beautiful sunrises and sunsets in Poland are in December), I’ve been veeeery creative and doing plenty DIY stuff that you’ve seen/see in Smiley Advent Calendar 😁, I’ve been doing silly sketches and dances with my husband to make our moods better 🤪, I’ve been admiring beautiful fruity smell of my favourite shower gel each day 😍, I’ve been more and more excited about upcoming Xmas creating beautiful Xmas decorations 🎄, I’ve been grateful for every help that I got either from a stranger on a street or from a colleague at work 😉… there is so much good around us we just need to notice it! 🤗

Now tell me something good that happened to you today!

P.s. Here’s a little extra from today’s Smiley Advent Calendar box on my Instagram:

Positive affirmations 2Positive affirmations 3Positive affirmations 4Positive affirmations

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