Be positive!

Be fair!

You know the saying – treat others how you want to be treated, right? It also works the other way round 😉 – expect from others what they can expect from you.
Don’t expect somebody to be honest with you if you’re not honest with them ⚠️
Don’t expect somebody to hear you out if you don’t listen to them. ⚠️
Don’t expect somebody to help you if you never help them. ⚠️
Be fair!
Don’t be surprised that somebody isn’t telling you some secrets or personal things if you don’t share some personal stuff with them or if you can’t keep a secret 🤷🏼‍♀️. Would you tell them a secret of yours if you’d know that they’d tell it everyone around? 🤔
Then when somebody is telling you something personal or confessing of their problems don’t reply with „Ahh, that’s nothing. My situation is even worse…” 🙄 or ‘fight’ over who is in worse situation „You’re tired? Believe me, I’m more tired!” 😏 Nobody likes that! Let him/her talk, hear them out 👂and then when they’re finished and are ready for some advices you can compare their situation to yours, tell them what helped you, how you’re dealing with such situation etc but don’t make it about you. 😉 Let this moment be about him/her, focus on your friend and let them feel heared out. Your time to confess and complain about your sitation will come, don’t worry 😉
And finally, don’t expect somebody to help you if you’ve never helped them! Why would they do that? 🤔 It should work both ways! E.g. at work – ask somebody to do something for you but also offer to do something for them from time to time 😉
Let’s all treat each other how you’d like to be treated, be fair with others and never let a relationship work only one way 🙏

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