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Don’t be a chicken!

Don’t be a chicken 🐥 and leave your comfort zone 😁! If you want to achieve something extraordinary (and you probably do as all of us 😅), if you want to be successful (as all of us 😅) or reach your goals you need to leave your comfort zone!
Comfort zone is where you feel safe, where you do everything automatically without any extra thought 🤔 hence when you’re in your comfort zone you don’t learn anything new, you don’t grow! 😏
Do you know that people used to think that human can’t run the distance of 1 mile (1609m) in less than 4 minutes? 🏃‍♂️ So this is what used to be believed as minimum time impossible to get. Best runners in the world have been finishing races with a result of 4 minutes + couple seconds until a British athlete called Roger Bannister left his comfort zone and run that distance in less than 4min in 1954 😎
There are plenty people who are stuck at work doing what they hate but they don’t look for a new job because they’ve been doing it so many years that they can keep doing it 🙄. The truth is they are stuck in their comfort zone. They are scared of changes, of new challenges, of meeting new people and starting from the beginning so they stay where they are.
They prefer to be stuck in a place where they know the people, where they know what to do when they come in to the office, where they no longer have to learn anything 🙄.
They want to be stuck there even though they hate it. 😏 That is not right. You need to overcome this fear of changes, you need to overcome your weaknesses, you need to leave your comfort zone, go out and do what you want! 🤗
Believe me, everybody wants to be in PJs in front of tv, being chilled and not stressing about anything whole day, week, month 😉
But this is not the way to achieve great things.
You need to grow to achieve success but you won’t grow without leaving comfort zone 😉

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