Be positive!

Don’t take anything for granted!

We all tend to appreciate something more once we lose it 🤔. We miss a friend we’ve lost even though we found him/her so irritating when he/she was around 🤷🏼‍♀️. The second you lose something you realise how much you’ve liked and needed it yet you’ve never thought about it when you still had that thing with you 🤔.
You probably never been grateful for being able to travel or to party or to simply go to a restaurant and to have a nice dinner, have you? Yet once we’ve lost those options last year we’ve realised how important those options are for us. To be able to see your friends, to see a band you love live or to simply leave your house without fear.
I think 2020 and 2021 have taught us a lot, especially not to take ANYTHING for granted. We need to appreciate everything we own, every moment we experience, every day simply living 🙏
That’s the key to gratitude and to a happy life 💓
So now as we’re slowly getting back to normality, as we’re slowly getting all the options to eat out, to see our friends, to travel again let’s all appreciate even more 🙏 Lets all appreciate that sip of coffee in a coffehouse that has been closed for months, lets all appreciate every step we take outside our houses we’ve been in for so long. Lets appreciate it all AND, what’s most important, lets make that feeling of appreciation and gratitude stick with us for good 🙏❤
Have a great week guys 😘

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