SELF LOVE: Floral face-mask

DIY Hydrating Floral Honey Face Mask For Sensitive Skin 🧖‍♀️
🔸️3 Tablespoons Sunflower Oil
🔸️2 Tablespoons Raw Local Honey 🍯
🔸️1 tsp Rose Petals 🌹
🔸️1 tsp Helichrysum Flowers
➡️In a small bowl combine sunflower oil and raw local honey 🍯
➡️Microwave oil and honey together for 10-15 seconds just to gently warm the oil and honey.
➡️Next, finely crush the rose petals and helichrysum flowers using a mortar and pestle until they are finely broken down 😊. If you would prefer a finer powder for your mask you can opt to use a spice or coffee grinder to grind the flower petals.
➡️Add the crushed flowers to the honey and oil mixture and mix well.
➡️Spread an even layer of the mask over your face and neck and allow it to sit for as long as you would like, ideally leaving it on for a minimum of 20 minutes 🤩
➡️Remove the mask with warm water, gently moving your hands in small circles over the skin to gently exfoliate.
➡️Pat dry and enjoy your extra soft skin


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