Take that risk!

You know that saying „Who doesn’t risk, doesn’t drink (blue) champagne”? 😄
Sometimes you just have to take that risk! If not now, when? 🤔 The timing will never be perfect so it is worth to take risk sometimes! 😉
Most of successful entrepreneurs risked it all and e.g. spent all their savings to invest in their business 💰. They took that risk! You either go all in and have enormous effects right away or you can play safe and slowly grow but it will take ages before you really succeed 😉. And remember – you either succeed or learn, there’s no failure here! 🤗
Just have a look at Inspirational Stories I post or read any biography 📖. There are plenty people who have risked it all and they are so happy that they did! 😊
Did you know that I published a book? It wasn’t easy, it took me 7 years, lots of work and I did spend all my savings at the time to have a professional correction, cover designed and 180 copies printed to send out to publishing houses 💸. It may be nothing compared to others entrepreneurs but I did take some risk and it was worth it! 😊
And some day I’m gonna take even bigger risk and will start my own company 😊

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