Smiley Future

Smiley Future – Step 62

How to maintain change? 🤔
First hint is so obvious that it is actually common to miss out on by thinking „it will all work out itself” 🤷🏼‍♀️. And here it is: think how do you plan to maintain the change.
Write your answer down and create a initial plan, of course using SMART method (see step 6) 🧐
Task for today: focus on first 2 criteria of SMART method and try making your plan specific and measurable 📏📐
For example, if you lost weight, improved your stamina 💪 and started having new nutritional habits, now in order to maintain it you probably don’t need to keep working out as often as you have but you can’t just sit down and get back to lazy life on sofa! 😉
So you might (and should) plan to work out e.g. 3 times a week instead of 5-6. Choose form of your workouts (fitness, gym, jogging?) and plan it out in your calendar 📅
If you e.g. learned a new language you also need to keep working on it, practicing etc .
Same with every finished project! 😉
Now let’s have that coffee, a small bite of a macaroon and get to work! 😀
Next week: Create new plan
Source: @chodakowskaewa‘s book “90 days – design your tomorrrow”

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