Be positive!


I’ve got a confession for you 😶.
Last couple of months I’ve been using less and less of Instagram 😏. I mean I have been posting, have been sharing some stuff on my stories but the truth is I haven’t been scrolling that much through feed and I haven’t been reading other people’s post and checking out their photos 😬.
Why? It made me feed bad 😪.
I used to get motivation from other accounts 🤩. I used to love to scroll through Instagram to see others succeed and to get new energy from them 🤗. I used to tell you to do the same. To look at other people succeeding as a motivation for you.
But lately as I’ve been struggling with lack of energy and motivation after battling with Covid and very stressful months 😥, I didn’t want to see others succeed when I couldn’t 💔, I didn’t want to see beautiful girls posing on beautiful pictures while I not only couldn’t take any nice pictures but also put on weight last couple of months 🙈, I couldn’t see other accounts grow when I’ve been losing followers 😬. I just shut it all down and haven’t been scrolling Instagram…until last weekend.
Now what you can learn from this? 🤔 First of all, if something or someone makes you feel bad put it aside, push them away and detach from negative emotions 🚫. Either temporarily like I did or permanently if that’s what you need.
But secondly, and even more importantly, remember that there always will be people more successful than us 😅, more attractive than ourselves, wiser, more experienced…and that’s ok 😉. We should learn from those people and just focus on ourselves and try to be best version of you 🤗

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