SELF LOVE: 30 ways of practicing self-love and self-care

Starting today for next 5 self-love posts that I share on Thursdays we’re gonna go through 30 ways of practicing self-love and self-care 😊. Start loving yourself! That’s first step to being happy!
1-6 ways of practicing self-love/self-care:
🔸️ 1. Write a love letter to yourself. Write down everything you like/love about yourself 😍
🔸️ 2. Learn when to stop and relax. We all live in crazy speed and that’s not healthy. Try to plan at least 1 day a week for regeneration when you have the time to think, to listen to music, to meditate or even to just lay down and do nothing 🤗.
🔸️ 3. Find time for your close ones. You can’t work all the time 😉. Take that 1 evening off and go out, meet with your friends, your family
🔸️ 4. Be active! Do you remember my post last week about happy hormones (if not, you should! It’s under a pink photo with a bubble gum 😉)? We’ve learned that working out and being physically active boosts production of endorphins 🤗
🔸️ 5. Learn to forgive yourself. IF you’ve made some mistake, even a big one, it’s already in the past, what is done is done. Try to draw conclusions and use it as experience of what not to do in the future 😘. But most importantly – don’t be angry with yourself!
🔸️6. Have good sleep 😴! It is highly important to function well! What can you do to sleep well? Don’t dring too much coffee or black tea, try not to stress that much and don’t work too much 😅

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