Smiley Future

Smiley Future – Step 67

Time for summing up 🤩. It is a very important moment, in which you should pay full attention. Why? 🤔 Because every path leading to a long-term goal is about learning something new 🤗. You find out plenty new things about yourself, you have a change to draw conclusions from your strong and weak points, successes, mistakes and failures.
Let’s start summing up with analyzing success and strong points. Answer those questions:
➡️ What have you acomplished during this challenge?
➡️ What new habits, tools or knowledge have you started using in practice?
➡️ What have you managed to do?
➡️ How close did you get to reaching goal? Where were you in the begging of this challenge and where are you now?
➡️ What advantages and strong points do you notice now, from time perspective? Maybe you’ve managed to discover or appreciate more some of your resources (internal or external) that you haven’t seen before?
Second part of summing up is about mistakes, failures and mishaps that have come along the way and thank to which you can learn new things about yourself 😉. Remember to avoid excessive self-criticism and blaming yourself. You’re doing this summing up in order to uses this experience and learn from it 👍. Be good to yourself and understanding. Remember: the only person who doesn’t make mistakes is a person who doesn’t do anything at all! 😉
Answer those questions:
➡️ What was hard, what have you not managed to achieve? Why did you think it happened?
➡️ What knowledge have you gained because of it?
➡️ What discoveries about yourself will be useful in the future, while reaching other goals?
➡️ What  did your difficulties come from? What helped or what could help next time?
In the end thank yourself for the perseverance and courage 🙏. Thanks to it you try, you make mistakes and learn new things about yourself in order to take another step forward ➡️
Next week: Suming up: Your biggest discoveries
Source: @chodakowskaewa‘s book “90 days – design your tomorrrow”

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