Be positive!

Getting through problems

This year has been tough 😖, not only Covid-wise but I’ve been robbed & tricked recently 🙄, my grandma passed away 🖤, I’ve lost some friends 💔, I’ve had plenty days when I felt powerless…
I cried a lot, been shuting everything away and been hiding at home 😶
But I’m not telling you all this to make you feed sorry for me, no no. I’m telling you all this to show you that happy & positive people aren’t people without problems 😉. Happy & positive people are positive DESPITE their problems 💪
Everyone has some problems, each one of us is battling with something but the key is to not give up, to get through it and stand up wiser and stronger 💪.
I know I have learned a lot through my last experiences and definitely won’t make some mistakes again. You should learn from your problems and/or mistakes too! 😀
Chin up, it will be all good! 😊
Just focus on the positive, throw some strawberries 😜 and enjoy life! 😊

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