Motivational Mondays

MOTIVATIONAL MONDAY – STEP 1: What is motivation?

Time for new series! For next several weeks every Monday I’ll be uploading a post about motivation – what it is, how to gain it, how to keep it, some tips etc.

Here’s step 1 – what motivation actually is

Motivation is the process that initiates and guides goal-oriented behaviors. It is what causes you to act 😉.
Motivation devides into 2 types:
➡️ Extrinsic motivations – motivators that come from outside, could be some contests, awards etc but also social status or praise
➡️ Intrinsic motivations – motivators that come from within the individual, pure desire to self-evolve, to learn new things to be better just for you/for your health
Understanding how motivation actually works will help you improve the efficiency of your work, help you take action, help you feel in control and will improve your overall  well-being and happiness 💪.
There are three major components of motivation: activation, persistence and intensity.
 🔸️ Activation is about action, e.g. a decision to initiate some behavior, such as taking up new hobby, taking some class to learn a new skill
  🔸️Persistence is about keeping the initial desire to achieve/get something, it is moving constantly forward towards your goal even through obstacles.
 🔸️ Intensity is basically how hard you want to reach a goal, it is about your focus on it and vigor that goes into pursuing a dream.� For example, lets say that two people want to learn a new language. One will take couple classes until he/she knows the basics while another one is really focused on those classes but also does some extracurricular things like watching movies in this language to practice understanding it in hearing, reads some books in the foreign language, takes some quizes online etc. First person lacks the intensity ☺.
In the next couple of weeks we’ll learn more about how motivation works, how to boost each type and component of it and how to be more motivated and eager to work on your goal 😎.
Stay tuned and come back next Monday! 😁

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