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A ticking bomb above my head

There’s a ticking bomb above my head 🤯.
I’m turning 30 soon. Quite a milestone 😅.
I had plenty goals that I wanted to achieve by being 30 🤔. Even this year, I wanted to accomplish couple more things by that big day. And I failed 😬.
But did I? 😉
Same as in my previous post about noticing positives in everything – it’s about noticing what you HAVE accomplished, not about what you didn’t manage to do 😉.
And I personally think that I’ve accomplished a lot 😛. I published a book 📖 and even had famous Polish director talking about it, I write/publish those posts here for over 13 000 people and it melts my heart when I get a DM from one of you from time to time saying that you love what I’m doing or that I actually really have helped you (LOVE IT ❤), I got married to an amazing human being 🥰, my partner in crime and my best friend, I have an amazing home 🏡, amazing family, amazing friends 👯, I’ve been able to travel to so many places 🏛🏝, see so many bands live 🎶… it’s been such an amazing life so far, trully! ❤
And I have so many more ideas for next years, for future projects!
So in the end… I’m so excited to hit 30s and carry on with this happy, positive life! 😃
And how about you? Are you happy about your life? Are you focusing on positives? 😊

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