I am happy

You know when I trully realised that I’m happy? ☺ That I love my life? ❤ When I realised that I love all seasons!🥰
I used to  be a really grumpy person, believe me 🙄, and couple years ago when you’d ask me what’s my favourite time of the year I’d say ‘none’. Because there was something bad in each season – too cold in winter 🥶, too hot in summer 🥵, too rainy in autumn ☔ and there’s be something wrong with spring too (I can’t even name now what would be wrong with spring haha! 😅).
Then some time later I started to love spring 🌸 and summer ☀️ but autumn and winter were still kinda depressing for me.
And this year, couple weeks ago actually, I realised that I’m excited about each season! 😊 I was really excited about spring when it came this year, about being able to have nice walks out, to watch flowers bloom etc. 🥰 Then I was really happy when summer came and we started taking even more walks, having some picnics out, lovely long evenings in our garden and I was kinda bumped to see it all end when September started but then I realised…oh my, oh my, it will be so beautiful now with all the leaves falling 🍂, with sweater weather, hot chocolate, sitting under a blanket… such a cozy and lovely time! ☺ And I’m excited about winter too! I hope that it will snow in Poland a lot too like it did last year! ☃️
Because it is all about mindset and seeing what’s good about something and not focusing on disadvantages of it😉. And it works with everything! You can see only disadvantages in your partner, point out why he’s not like prince charming 🙄, or you can focus on his good qualities like how he treats you, how he takes care of you etc. Same with e.g. your work – you can hate it and be unhappy everyday when you need to go to work or you can decide to see positives in it – e.g. that you like people working with you, that you like how your boss takes you seriously, that you love new challenges in it etc. ☺
It REALLY is your choice how you see the world and wether you’re happy or not! 😉

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