Talking on Internet

You know what drives me crazy lately? 🤬 People not responding on Internet 🙄.
You write somebody a message, you inform about something, you may even ask about something and… you get nothing 🤷‍♀️. Nowadays you even see if somebody read your messange (on Messenger, Instagram or Whatssapp) yet some people still have no difficulty in leaving it on ‘read’. 🙄
How rude. 😬
Imagine same situation face to face. You walk up to somebody, you ask him/her a question 🗨, he/she looks at you and walks away. Would you do it? 🤷‍♀️
Online or offline, lets all respect each other 🤝, treat each other how you’d want to be treat it and act like you’d be acting if you’d be talking face to face.
Also, I am so done with people who are ‘honest’ online yet are not able to say what they really feel/think when you see them face to face 🙄
I am so done with people who get online to let their rage out 🤬 and all they do is criticizing other people in a really rude way (so-called haters).
I am so done with people who are curagous and could talk you up when there’s a screen between you and would never do it ‘live’ 👎
I am so done with fake people who act different in Internet and different face to face.
Let’s all be real. 🙏
Let’s always remember that there’s a real human being on the other side of the screen. 🤗
Please let’s all respect each other no matter if you’re standing next to each other or you’re talking via social media.
Be kind. 🙏

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