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Appreciate your time

Do you appreciate your time? Do you value it? 🤔
„Time is a currency you can only spend once” – remember about it! ⚠️
There are plenty things that you can get back after losing it 😉 – any material thing of course but abstract things like relationship 💏, trust 🤝or confidence 💪 can be brought back to you too!
Yet there are 2 things that you can’t get back once you lose it – health and time 😬. As much as with modern medicine and some cures you can get your health back in some cases, you will never get lost time back. 😔
That’s why it is so important to choose wisely what you do with it but also to cherish your time, to appreciate the time you have for yourself 🙏.
If you don’t feel like you belong somewhere (you’re bored and not learning anything at work 🤷‍♀️, you’re invisible and being ignored at a party 🙄, you’re pouring your heart out and not getting anything in return in a relationship 💔…) just drop it. Don’t waste your time on a job you dislike, on hobbies you’re not passionate about or on people who don’t care about you 😚.
Cherish your time, this is the most expensive value/currency you’ve got 💰. Use it to spend it on something that matters to you, something that is important to you 😉.
Also remember to save some time for yourself 🙏, to regenerate, to get your energy back. Stop putting others’ needs first – if you booked some time for yourself and somebody calls you asking for help or simply to spend some time with him/her just be open about your needs and say that you want and need to spend some time on your own ❤ (unless it’s really urgent and somebody really needs your help). There’s nothing bad about it! 😉
Everybody needs and should have some me-time from time to time! This is the time where we truly relax, truly are ourselves. Respect that need and that time! 🙏

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