Inner child

Don’t mind me asking but… how old are you? 🤔 Are you 20+? 30+? Older? If so, do you act for your age, are you mature and serious all the time? 🧐 You’re no longer a child so you have to be serious, responsible and definitely not spontaneus…. Wrooooong! 🚫👎🥱
Age doesn’t define us! 😉 I know plenty men who are almost (or already) 40 and act like 20 and that is not a bad thing! 🤪 Of course you need to be responsible and, if the situation requires that, serious from time to time but so you should be crazy, fun and wild! 🙃
I remember hearing a girl saying „I want to be a kid again, this was so much fun, now nothing is fun” once 🙄. Well… if this is what your life looks like then you made it this way!
Be crazy 🤪, be spontanous 😎, be passionate 🥰, be wild 🥴 – this is how you create memories! 😃 This is how you make life beautiful, fun and happy!
Go and dance in the rain 🌂, surprise your friend at his/her door with a bottle of wine 🍷 (even if he/she lives couple hours away), go to karaoke bar 🎤, play hide and seek 🤭, go to a cinema with a bag full of jellies to see a Disney movie 😜…. why not?
If there are any activities you liked as a child and you wish you could keep doing them just…keep doing them! 😃 Don’t let age, or actually not the age itself but the society pressure to BEHAVE YOUR AGE 🙄, stop you! Do whatever you wish! 🥰
I, for example, love being goofy with my husband and e.g. do funny faces 🤪 and voices or sing with high-pitched voice (our neighbours must hate us haha 🤣), I watch cartoons and I love it ❤, 90% of the time I want to be a businesswoman/boss babe/independent woman 💪 but 10% of the time I want to be spoiled, eat candy and watch silly romantic comedies 🤭 like a teenager… and that’s fine! 😀
Just do whatever you want to do, be your true self! ☺

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