MOTIVATIONAL MONDAY – STEP 13: Weakening temptations and strengthening willpower

How can we weaken temptations and strengthen our will to act? 🤔
Do you know that saying „out of sight, out of mind”? Turns out that scientific researches prove that wisdom when it comes to fighting temptation and empowering willpower! 💪
Brian Wansink, american psychologist did an interesting research with James E. Painter that he describes in his book „Mindless Eating” 🧐
Gentlemen gave their secretaries chocolates 🍫. Some of the sweets were in a box with a see-through lid where they could see all the chocolates and some of the sweets were in a normal not see-through box.
What do you think, which chocolates tempted more to be eaten? 😅 Of course those with a see-through lid. Women that could see the chocolates were tempted 71% times more! They were reaching for chocolates 7,7 times a day while those women who had „hidden” chocolates reached for them only 4,6 times a day 😋.
You see? Out of sight out of mind and it’s not only about sweets of course! If you need to learn or work late don’t do it in front of a TV, better yet, go to some quiet place 🤫, without TV, without any games or non-scientific books in your sight. Turn your phone off and focus on your task.
Now how can we strengthen our will? 🤔 First of all write down a list of reasons WHY do you want to reach your goal, WHY do you want to follow that dream 📝. This so-called Benefit Card will help you a lot in a moment of crisis 😃
If you’re wondering why bother writing them down and you think „I remember them all easily” I’ll surprise you: in moments of lost motivation it is easy to forget why you want to reach your goal that much 😉. When there is a temptation in eyesight (and within reach of a hand), you’re feeling stressed, tired and/or you’re in a bad mood, believe me, those reasons suddenly fly away and it is so hard to remember those 😬
In those kind of situations Benefit Card might come very useful! Carry it with you everday and read it in any moment of weakness.

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