About me · positive


I turned 30 last week. 😜
And it actually got me thinking about the origin of all of us celebrating birthday. Like what is a birthday exactly? It’s an anniversary of us being born 🥳 a celebration of the day we came to this world 🤩 quite beautiful! But for me, we should celebrate our life, our presence in this world everyday! 🤗
How? Just living a positive life! By appretiating what we have 🤗, by noticing the good and positive things in our surroundings everyday 🥰, by being kind and positive towards others 😘.
Do you agree? ☺

Also! I’m having my own Smiley Advent Calendar on my Instagram with a special post each day either a:
– tutorial for a homemade Christmas decoration 🎄
– tutorial for a homemade gift 🎁
– recipe for a Christmas snack with a recommendation of a great Christmas movie 🥧🎬
– self-love tutorial for a homemade cosmetic/home SPA

Come join me there!

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