Recently I’ve been thinking about people that I have in my life. I am one of those people that would like to keep in touch with all the people I’ve ever met – with people from primary school, college, from the time when I lived abroad, with people I met at some holidays or parties… but it’s just not possible.
Building relationships and taking care of them takes time. You can work on a relationship for years and then lose it in 1 week/month. 💔
So if you have somebody in your life that you’d want to have forever – take care of that person and of your relationship. Don’t let him/her go. 🙏
Use this magical time now we have now and take care of the people you want to keep in your life – buy some small gift for them 🎁, send a Christmas card 🎄 or just call them with best wishes 💫
We need to cherish good people that we have close to us and make them feel loved and appreciated 🙏

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