SELF LOVE: What is self-love exactly?

What is really self-love/self-care? 🤔
People use to think that self-care is just taking care of our body (and I may have pushed that thinking by sharing recipes for homemade cosmetics as self-love series and not talking about other ways of self-caring 😬).
Self-care is not only taking care of your body and/or skincare. Self-care is also taking care…of our mind! Of our soul, of our self-cofindence, of feeling present, feeling important & needed.
For me, self-love is putting yourself first! 😎
Self-love is standing up to somebody who expects something from you that you don’t want and saying ‘no’ 🚫
Self-love is putting your needs first and not going to a party with your friends simply because you feel like staying home and having some me-time 💅.
Self-love is suddenly taking a day off because you don’t feel well 🤧 even though your boss and/or co-workers count on you (which I did yesterday 😉).
Self-love is not only putting your needs first but also feeling good about doing it! You’re doing it for yourself, you’re taking care of yourself, of your mental health, be proud! 😊
So, do you practice other forms of self-care rather than just taking care of your body? Can you give an example of a situation when you put your needs first? 😊

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