SELF LOVE: Let’s turn off your inner critic!

Tell me, when you look at yourself in the mirror do you see your advantages or your flaws first? 🤔
Don’t worry, we tend to listen to our inner critic and to focus on negativities, that’s normal because we inherited from our earliest evolutionary survival needs. But we can work on that and turn it into self-compassion! 🤗
Kristin Neff, PhD, the world’s leading researcher of self-compassion, identifies 3 elements of self-compassion:
➡️ 1. Mindful awareness 🧐
Noticing the inner critic is the first step so if are aware of it and you see it as something negative and unfavourable to you, you’re on the good path to eliminate it 😊! Go easy and always be kind to yourself so if you notice that negative voice now and that you’ve been bad to yourself – don’t freak out! 😉 Don’t get angry with yourself for being angry with yourself 😜, don’t judge and don’t blame yourself. Just go slow, close that chapter and work on that change.
➡️ 2. Practice kindness🙏
Talk to yourself as if you were talking to a friend (after all, you are your friend! ☺).
At The Center for Compassionate Leadership one of favorite practices to strengthen your self-kindness is called “Note to a Dear Friend” ✉ Whenever you face a problem practice this:
„Write a note as if you were comforting a loved one or a dear friend who was facing the same difficult situation you. Add two words to the top of the note: “Dear [your name].” Read the note out loud to yourself with loving kindness.”
Read more here: 
➡️ 3. Recognize That You Aren’t Alone 😘
It is very important to remember that you’re not alone in all this! We all have inner critics we fight with! Everyone faces challenges and makes mistakes. Everyone has bad days 🤗
Self-compassion is a skill that gets better and better the more you practice it. So start small and keep moving forward!

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